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Job Id: 60

Posted Date: 27-Feb-2023

Class: 3rd

Subject: English maths

Fees: 2500

Address: Korattur Chennai

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Job Id: 59

Posted Date: 14-Feb-2023

Class: 9th

Subject: Maths,Science

Fees: 7000

Address: Rohini

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Job Id: 58

Posted Date: 06-Dec-2022

Class: 4th

Subject: Physical education

Fees: 8000

Address: Sellai

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Job Id: 54

Posted Date: 01-Dec-2022

Class: 10th

Subject: All subject

Fees: 8000

Address: Rohini

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are all Tutor are verified?

All registered tutors, are verified. However, You can request for his identity,educational qualification etc..

How much Tutor charges?

It all depends on various factors
e.g. class, subject, timing, city, expertise of tutor, distance, yours requirements.

Should I have to pay in advance?

Generally yes. However confirm with Tutor.

Do I have to pay for Demo ?

Depends on Tutor. Demo booking is free from our site, however Tutor can ask. Confirm with Tutor, once you recieve call.

What if you are unsatisfied with the Tutor?

You can change Tutor anytime.Best way is to, let this month to complete.

I want to join as Tutor. How can I?

Firstly, register with us. Login and submit documents. Once approved, you can start applying jobs. You can apply home tuition as well as Coaching Institutes Jobs.

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